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My new book is coming out in December!

When I studied music production at University, all I was taught was how to use technology. Similarly, many institutions currently focus production courses around technological and sonic educational approaches that are more akin to courses in mixing and sound engineering and they give preference to acoustic music making (not electronic music that is prolific in the industry). I mean I get it, this is an easy way to dress up education in production. However, I learnt in the industry that music making is all about the song, great performances, the socio-musical activities you engage with when creating music and how music producers can utilise cognitive applications and an engagement with music production cultures to help shape the musical work to desired intentions. Now, the music made all around the world is influenced by the livelihoods and cultural influences of that place and of that person and we currently make music in electronic, acoustic, online and hybrid environments. So how do we educate ALL young aspiring musicians (females, males, non-binary) and the musical diversity that comes with them, about production in a suitable and uniform way so there is equity, inclusion and diversity in popular music education across the globe? How do we inspire the future music makers of the world within student centred approaches to be innovative and explore new territories in commercialised or self-expressive music making? Well that is what this book is about. Over the last few years I have been working hard to complete a book that lays a foundation in the field of popular music production education. I have combined my thoughts and experiences with that of a plethora of educators and students from around the world and put together a text that discusses the wonder of learning to be a popular music producer. It has received some wonderful endorsements from Lucy Green, Gareth Dylan Smith and Andrew King and is due for release in December. So, if you are so inclined go and have a look at the pre-sale blurb that is up on line (it is pretty cheap right now!!!). The last 32 years of my life are tied up in this book and I am very much looking forward to its release through Routledge publishing:

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