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Brendan Anthony releases original material under the artist name Pittsburgh. His music to date focuses on self-expression regarding his journeys through life. His music has no genre or commercial influence. If it adds something

to your life, it has served its purpose.

Blank Media review of  "The Secret Skies" by Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh’s Stunning Debut

Local producer turned songwriter Pittsburgh (AKA Brendan Anthony) has gifted us with his fascinating debut EP titled ‘The Secret Skies’ this month. Influenced by the dynamic soundscapes of artists like Sigur Ros the seven tracks are woven together by Anthony’s diverse vocal and intimate acoustic guitar playing. Used as a portal for emotional expression the EP touches on key moments in Brendan’s life, with highlight tracks including the delicate love ballad ‘April Turned To May’, the heart wrenching ‘Never Be the Same’ and the uplifting title track. A stunning first effort here from Pittsburgh, best consumed on headphones.

Click on the album cover to listen to the Secret Skies E.P by Pittsburgh

Watch the video for the single "The Secret Skies" by Pittsburgh

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