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Brendan's music industry experience lays the platform for various untapped research opportunities. This promotes practice-led, auto ethnographic and ethnographic designs that generate primary research sources and these resonate with aspiring  music production  enthusiasts' hunger for ‘real world’ learning. To compliment this, Brendan's Doctorate of Education has illuminated the stringent data collection and analytical approaches that are necessary to produce creditable research. His research unpacks critical and creative concepts, it challenges some stagnant attempts to do so whilst discussing the instinctual decision making process of the popular music producer. This often highlights the integral importance of 'the song' and song writing and how all the skills of music production are interrelated as a form of agency. His current publications and conference presentations are listed below.

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Brendan Anthony: Doctor of Education


Music Production Cultures:Perspectives on Popular Music Pedagogy in Higher Education (2022)

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Doctoral Thesis

Perspectives on learning popular music production from "Both sides of the glass" Link to full text

C1 Journal Publications

Mixing as a performance: Educating tertiary students in the art of playing audio equipment whilst mixing popular music, (2018), Journal of music technology and education. Link to full text

Thumbs Up: The effective use of music in health and well-being education for Australian Aboriginal youth in remote communities, (2018), International journal of community music. Link to full text 

A Final Guiding Hand: A Practice-Based Study into the Evolving Role of Third Party Mixer, (2017), International association for the study of popular music. Link to full text

Mixing As A Performance: Creative Approaches To The Popular Music Mix Process, (2017) Journal on the art of record production. Link to full text

Creative Conceptualisation: Nurturing Creative Practice Through the Popular Music Pedagogy of Live Recording Production, (2015), International association for the study of popular music. Link to full text

Or visit: Brendan Anthony

Conference Presentations (full paper)

“Keeping it Real": Teaching Production and Performance In a Live Recording Environment, (2013). Part of the online session within the UK-based Art of Record Production network, via the recent virtual conference Pits (Performance in the Studio) theme.

"Mixing as a performance": Discoveries in creative practice, (2015). 10th Art of Record Production Conference, Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA.

"Talking Tactility":Technology’s influence on ‘feel’ in popular music mixing, (2017).19th IASPM conference in Kassel, Germany, 

"The producer’s vision": A study into the multi-faceted conceptions of the popular music recording aesthetic, (2017). 12th Art of Record Production Conference, Royal College of Music, Stockholm, Sweden.

"Learning how to rock”: Perspectives on learning popular music production from ‘both sides of the glass’ within a Higher Education context. (2018). 40th Australian and New Zealand Association for Research In Music Education conference, Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia.

"Dust" Tully John and Liza Jane Mixed by Brendan Anthony

Dust - Tully John and Eliza Jane Mixed by Brendan Anthony
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