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Following an extensive career as a producer/engineer/mixer, Brendan now primarily operates as a third party mixer for a diverse array of musical genres. His production experience over the years has instilled knowledge in all forms of music. "I learnt from the best producers in the world, working on different clients every week when I was trained at a large recording studio and that prepared me for many diverse music making cultures. I am so grateful to Chris Thomas, Warne Livesy, Joe Hardy, Mark Opitz and Chris Lorde Alge to name just a few. They taught me how to live and breathe music production and how to nurture, respect and at times push the artist towards greatness." 

His mixing philosophy of 'give the artist what they want' lays the foundation for quality client relationships as he crafts final product that epitomises the artist's vision rather than his mixing footprint. "With the combination of analogue and digital equipment at my disposal in my studio I can pretty much mix any kind of music" Brendan says.  Check out some of the videos and music below to hear recent releases and the range of styles he works in. 

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Commercial Music Releases include

Hans Zimmer (1990)      'Greencard' Movie Soundtrack: Engineered & Mixed.

WHEATUS (2003)         'Hand over your loved Ones’ Album: Engineered  

INXS (1990)                 ‘By My Side’ Remix: Produced & Mixed

Midnight Oil (1990)       ‘Blue Sky Mining’ Album: 2nd Engineer (some engineering)

Jimmy Barnes (1995)      'Psyclone’ Album, Engineered

George (1999)              ‘You can take what’s mine’ E.P: Produced, Engineered & Mixed

George (2000)              ‘Bastard Son, Holiday' E.P: Produced, Engineered & Mixed      Jimmy Barnes (1995)      ’Live in France’ E.P: Produced & Mixed

Jimmy Barnes (1995)      ‘Gonna See my baby tonight’ Single: Engineered

Jimmy Barnes (1995)      ‘Black And Blue’ Single: Engineered

The Ten Tenors (2001)     ‘Rhapsody’ Album: Produced Engineered and Mixed.

INXS (1990)                  ‘X’ Album: 2nd Engineer

Diesel (1994)                 ‘Live’ E.P: Engineered & Mixed

Ganggajang (2002)       'Oceans and Deserts' Engineered

Radio Freedom (1994)     ‘Love Storm’ Single: Produced, Engineered and Mixed

Wendy Matthews (1994) ‘Live At The Sydney Opera House’ Album: Mixed

Yothu Yindi (1990)           ‘Hope’ Remix: Engineered & Mixed

Jenny Morris (1991)         ‘Break In The Weather’ Single: 2nd Engineer

Choir Boys (1990)           ‘Empire’ Single: Mixed

Ian Moss (1989)              ‘Matchbook’: 2nd Engineer

Wendy Matthews (1990)  ‘Émigré’ Album: 2nd Engineer

Dragon(1989)                 ‘Bondi Road’ Album: 2nd Engineer

Brianna Carpenter (2009)  'Harlequin” Album: Produced, Engineered, Mixed

Lukas (2007)                   'You & Me" E.P Produced Recorded and Mixed

Beggars Orchestra (2010)  'And then the crows will come” Album: Produced, Mixed

Crash Palace (1999)         Co-Produced, Engineered and Mixed (Trauma U.S.A)

ABLE (2000)                    ‘Able’ Album: Produced & Engineered and Mixed

HIllsong United Live           'Everyday' Mixed

Brent Bourgeois (1992)      ‘Funky Little Nothing’ Single: U.S.A (charisma) Mixed

The Tin Lids (1993)            ‘Dinosaur Dreaming’ Album: Engineered & Mixed

Things Of Stone & Wood (1993) ‘Wrapped’ Video single: Engineered & Mixed

The Bloodpoets (2009)       'Polarity' Album: Mixed

Audio Visual

“RPM” (1992) Network 10, Music Header, Engineered & Mixed

"Roots of Hip Hop" Electrik Lemonade, Mixed by Brendan 'Killer' Anthony

"Turntail" Caligula's Horse, Mixed by Brendan 'Killer' Anthony

Recent Releases Include

Caligula's Horse "Bloom", Album: Mixed

Tully John and Liza Jane "Wonder" E.P: Mixed

Aquila Young 'Crimson Criminal' Single: Mixed

Brianna Carpenter 'On So It Goes" E.P: Mixed

Aquila Young "Distance Echoes", E.P: Mixed

Riseoverrun "Album": Mixed

The Phoncurves "Heartstrings", E.P: Mixed

Jake Whitaker E.P: Produced. Recorded and Mixed

Brodie Graham  E.P: Mixed

Creature Kind "Songs To Get Young To" E.P: Mixed

Electrik Lemonade "EPOCH" E.P: Mixed

"Feels Like Home" LUKAS, Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Brendan 'Killer' Anthony

"Spawn" George, Co-Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Brendan 'Killer' Anthony

"Eyes to the Sun" Riseoverrun, Mixed by Brendan 'Killer' Anthony

"Fire" Jake Whitaker, Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Brendan 'Killer' Anthony

"Jaqueline" Brianna Carpenter, Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Brendan 'Killer' Anthony

"Heartstrings" The Phoncurves, Mixed by Brendan 'Killer' Anthony

"Black Keys" Brianna Carpenter, Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Brendan 'Killer' Anthony

"Rust" Caligula's Horse, Mixed by Brendan 'Killer' Anthony

"Change of Heart" Jimmy Barnes, Enginered by Brendan 'Killer' Anthony

"Polyserena" George, Co-Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Brendan 'Killer' Anthony

"Firelight" Caligula's Horse, Mixed by Brendan 'Killer' Anthony

"Anxious" Brianna Carpenter, Produced, Recorded  by Brendan 'Killer' Anthony

Scroll down to play videos and music!!

"Landslide" Brianna Carpenter, Mixed by Brendan 'Killer' Anthony

"This Part of Town" Beggars Orchestra, Produced Recorded & Mixed by Brendan 'Killer' Anthony

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