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After completing 4 years study in Music Technology at the Queensland Conservatorium. Brendan went on to be the assistant engineer and then in house engineer at Sydney's Iconic Rhinoceros Recordings. It was in this setting he was trained by some of music's great producers Chris Thomas (Pink Floyd), Chris Lorde-Alge (Prince) and Warne Livesey (Midnight Oil). Brendan worked with some of the greatest musicians on the planet during this time INXS, Hans Zimmer, Midnight Oil and this prepared him for his journey into the freelance world of record production where he lived and worked in the U.S.A, England and France. Now 29 years experience has led Brendan to the Tamborine Mountain district in Queensland where he primarily provides the final guiding hand to clients records by mixing their music. His studio Heaven's Gate utilises a combination of the latest and greatest digital technologies with the traditional colour of analogue equipment. Brendan mixes every genre and style you can imagine. Check out some of the music on the record production page; a testament to his mixing work.


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"Requiem", Dave's Pawn Shop.

Mixed by Brendan Anthony

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