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Introduction to the book and it's purpose

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

You can get a copy of Brendan's book Music Production Cultures here: GET THE BOOK!

If you sign up to be a member (top right etc) you can leave comments and I can answer in subsequent videos. So get into it become a member and I can answer any questions you may have. BA

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You said students should be able to work with the music they want to. All I could work on was classical big bands and rock music! But I make lo fi hip hop!! So true.. why don't colleges and uni's let you work on the music you want?!!

Replying to

Hi Bruce! Yes, you see often music production is not taught within holistic programs of popular music. Often it is an elective and is a part of a classical music degree. There are many issues here that higher education institutions need to address.Hopefully my book is the start of some much needed change in this regard. Good luck with your music!!

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