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A good mate and great producer passes: Joe Hardy

Some of you (my friends) may have known one of the most talented music producers on the planet. He was also one of the smartest, wittiest and funniest people I knew. Joe Hardy worked with ZZ Top and produced the iconic "Life is a highway" by Tom Cochrane. I was fortunate enough to engineer for Joe on one of Jimmy Barnes' records (he taught me everything I know about compression and alot about nurturing the artist). We spent 2 months in the south of France, making music, drinking pastis and having in depth discussions regarding astral travelling and quantum physics. The thing is, he is one of the few people I continued my friendship with following the music we made— he was always up for a chat. I have just heard Joe passed in February, I was not aware. No condolences needed, just go for a drive in your car and play "Life is a highway" and make sure you scream your guts out as you sing along. Sometimes the music makers of the world give so much to the music they make that it becomes timeless. Sometimes that dedication and passion takes a toll. Life certainly is a highway Joe, RIP mate.

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